Fuse Washington: Don't sign these Initiatives

..."Decline to Sign R-88 This year, the Washington state Legislature approved I-1000, which overturned Washington’s multi-decade ban on affirmative action. I-1000 allows race, sex, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status to be factors when considering education or employment – but bans using any of those characteristics as the sole or deciding factor. I-1000 will prevent discrimination in public hiring and wage practices, prevent discrimination in public education, and ensure government contracts are awarded fairly. R-88 seeks to ban affirmative action by overturning I-1000. This referendum would put I-1000, which the Legislature already passed, on the fall ballot for approval or rejection by the voters. Conservative signature gatherers for R-88 are using deceptive and misleading messages that falsely claim they support equality.


"Don’t be fooled! Decline to sign R-88."

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